Doctors Who Prescribe Pain Medication Gadsden Al That Will Accept Cash

Rachel Says:

I. need a pain dr that will prescribe pain medication without insurance. I had been going to a pain dr for 6 years because of severe back pain. I have degenerative disk disease, building disk & in alot of pain. I had insurance but lost it due to divorce..I live in Gadsden, Al & can only pay cash to go to A dr. I am in severe pain & can get my records from my old dr if needed.

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Robyn Says:

Pain management doctors in reno Nevada area that prescribe narcotic pain medication?

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Doesnotmatter Says:

Sadly the 3 biggest pain doctors in that area are shut down for now. I think there are only 2 left in nearby RBC, AL and I don't know of any in Gadsden

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gpfan Says:

I know a
Doctor who will prescribe you is that what you needwhat pain med do you need how many and when ?I cant call my ex Doc up and say someone maybe is hurti ng or can get $20 for Morphine so the Junkies in Portland can get well because they are ,in withdrawal ,terrible pain,there ,I know a Doctor in California and other states because of the many pain groups I belong and have belonged to all over USA then we can ex change numbers if I cam .
Im noty sure but I think they charge $100 ,A friend goes to one in California San Jose I thiink from Utah and one comes from St Jo Missouri,I dont want anything and would never do anything wrong or illegal.

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Tina Says:

I am in Rainbow City and need a good pain management Dr after my own dr left his practice to move out of state due to getting married. Any advice? I'm on Oxycodone 10/325 3x daily

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DR TIM Says:

Almost any pain doc will accept cash. but they will charge an intake fee of several hundred dollars. They won't just charge for the script the first appt.

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