Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication Indiana
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shouldawouldacoulda Says:

Same as many: pain doc retired. Must find a new one. I've been on high doses of pain meds (so I hear) 30mg mscontin 3x day, 20mg oxycodone up to 80mg per day. Doc retired. General MD retired same month! I'm now starting completely over. Insurance: medicaide, HIP, MDWise. Southern Indiana. Can someone please suggest a doctor, or point me in a very helpful "same" direction? Have to wait a month for ins. About to lose my house. Can't work, can't sleep, can't concentrate. I have about 1 month to make something work fast. I cannot go through some long, long, referral here, referral there, back again thing again! Need results! Need doc, now!

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Desperately seeking relief Says:

Re: Rozy (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I've been combing through all of these post. I am a retired, disabled veteran, with multiple back surgeries and several other medical problems. Currently I am being pushed away from my doc too. The VA experiments if you, and I've had enough of the rejection because everyone thinks you are "drug seeking". Currently in nwi (near lake or porter county), but will drive anywhere. What was the name of that dr you referred to?

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Subutex4 Says:

Re: Rozy (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Did you find a doctor yet? You sound like my aunt, she's a little older with several disabilities and took pain meds and xanax for ten years now, never failed a drug panel, her other niece gave her a ride to the appointment and she mysteriously fails. Doctor kicked her off everything no joke. 1 drug panel with 1 doctor in 10 years & had trouble finding a new one. Her name is Rosie too.

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Paul Says:

I am located in the Crown Point (Lake County) area of Northwest Indiana and have been on pain medication for a few years. My doctor got transferred and now I can't get ANY pain medication besides over the counter stuff. I have chronic back pain and knee pain and the only thing that works is a combination of Norco and Naproxen. I have tried stronger medications but they give too much of a "buzz" and I am not a drug addict. I was on the same dose for years and never abused it, or sought more than required. I hate the fact that drug addicts make so many doctors scared to write scripts, making it nearly impossible to get pain relief for actual sufferers like myself. If anyone is from the area and could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. As I stated, I am in Crown Point Northwest Indiana. Thanks!

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Lynn Says:

Re: Rozy (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Was wondering if you could share who your doctor was in the information would be appreciated thank you

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Lynn Says:

Re: worried chronic pain patient (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I'm kind of in the same situation you are and was wondering if you could give me some feedback on the doctor that you found I've been doing the same making phone calls for weeks but to no avail I would appreciate any reply thank you

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Marie Says:

Re: K (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

K if u don't mind me asking where do u go now??and did they give u back your same meds??

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Judy Says:

I'm looking for a good pain management dr in Indiana or Pennsylvania. Been suffering for yrs with rsd, fibromyalgia, ra, migraines, asthma, rls, depression n anxiety. Looking for help.

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Sara Says:

Are there any New Castle, Indiana doctors who will prescribe pain meds for patients in pain on physical disability?

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Lucy Says:

I was going to a Dr that went to jail. I can't find a Dr that will help me. I would like information on who you are talking about please.

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Jen Says:

I live in porter county Indiana. I have endometriosis and my dr quit taking Medicaid. Can you please help me out with who you recommend?

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Marie Says:

I'm looking for a pain management Dr for my mom in Jeffersonville, Indiana or Louisville, KY area. She has been in pm for years, then out of nowhere they shut the office down. She has been on the 100 mcg Fentanyl patch for 13 years, on top of five 20mgs Roxy's a day and 3 hydrocodone 10's a day. They were wanting her to do a pain pump or wear 2 of the 100 mcg patches at a time..but my mom was too scared to wear more than one patch at a time..she said the one was helping her.. so anyway we had to find her a dr asap...and we did a Primary Care Dr..who I didn't care for at all.. He immediately jerked her off the hydro's and Fentanyl patches first thing, he even kept the ones she took in for her first appointment..and he didn't even try to wean her down at all. He did give her four of the roxy's a day which I was surprised. But that was it.. Nothing for the withdrawals, she was told in the past that she could never come off the patch, that it could be fatal if she tried it herself. They said she would have to be hospitalized if she ever wanted to come off, they really did help with her chronic pain...I'm kicking myself in the butt for not trying harder to find her a better doctor at that time..this guy didn't care at all, the hell he put her through was a nightmare after nightmare!!!!

Needless to say she did it!! but it was pure hell on her..she was living in a true nightmare...i honestly didn't think she was gonna pull through took months for her to even get out of bed... Nine months later her roxy's are not helping very much.. The Dr asked if she wanted to go back to pain management and she said I guess so, but I'm leaving for 6 weeks to go help watch my grandaughter while my son who is in the military moves back to the states. Can I have my daughter pick my scrip up for me when it's due? He tells her yeah.. But now they are past due, and he will not give her another script for her pain med; says his policy is once he gives you a referral to pm then he will no longer write your pain meds for she is out of town and out of her pain pills and we are told it could take 3 months to get back in pm is telling us that the doctor has to sent her referral and records to them, that we can't just call and make a appointment ourselves I don't have any idea what I can do to help her now...she is in severe pain, and is worried if she goes to the hospital that they may think she is doctor shopping, or pain med seeking, so can anyone at all tell me what I can do to help my mom..i hate seeing her like this. It's so hard watching her suffer like this!!!

Seems like the people who really need their pain meds are the ones who are getting them taken away..or they are cutting them down to nothing...While other's are getting them just to make a living by selling them.. Makes no sense to me!!! Need advice in Indiana or KY.

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Tracey Says:

I have herniated disks and disk disease plus underwent bad mesh surgery. Now all measure have been taken. I am 55 years old and can't feel my feet. I've also been diagnosed with bipolar. Please help me locate a doctor in Brookville, Indiana who prescribes pain medication.

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K Says:

If you could get into Floyd(Baptist) pain management they are pretty good, pretty good for a pain dr is hard to find) I lost my prescription paper cause it was given 3 weeks in advance and we were going on vacation I probably threw it away accidently. I wAs released because even though the prescription hadn't been filled i of course didn't have any in my system. I hate where I go now. So if you could get in there I'd do it. Dr Brent was my dr

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Semperfi0351 Says:

Who is this Dr plz...? I've been trying and trying to find a Dr or clinic to accept me. I have a lot of the same conditions as others on here and the same problems with Dr's refusing to treat any longer. Plz give me some info.

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MandH Says:

Who is the dr? Legit pain, proven disease, retired dr. Idk where to start.

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MandH Says:

Who is this dr? Mine retired. I have plenty of real proven medical conditions. I can't find no one who writes s***.

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Rozy Says:

I know of a pill mill doctor who will prescribe anything. I'll give you the name. Who was your doctor and what did he prescribe? Mine would prescribe roxicodone 30 and percocets for breakthrough. I just messed it up by failing a drug panel.

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Bobby Says:

Can you get me the name for a doctor? I'm 70 with copd and osteoarthritis / degenerative bone disease. I'll help you out with a name.

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Simone Says:

I need a doctor/psychiatrist to prescribe pain meds and anxiety meds. I live in Indiana but I'm willing to drive an hour away.

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shannon Says:

Dr dupre located in Sullivan, IN. He is wonderful!

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