Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication Mobile Al

Daisy Says:

Anyone know a doctor that will prescribe pain medication in Mobile Alabama? Suffer from severe arthritis and neck and back problems.

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Verwon Says:

HI, Daisy! Sorry that you're in pain.

Since you're in Alabama, the best suggestion I can make is that find yourself a regular, general practitioner and then discuss the issue with them, so they can refer you for pain management.

Basically the area of the U.S. from Iowa, Arkansas and etc. over to the east have all been hit with a ton of new regulations for the prescribing of pain medications, due to the heavy rates of improper and over prescribing that were going on.

Under these new regulations, general practitioners are restricted in what they are allowed to prescribe for pain and how long they can prescribe it, so most patients requiring strong pain medications for ongoing treatment of chronic pain will have to be referred to pain management.

Have you looked into pain management, yet?

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Donna Says:

I am looking for a doctor who treats chronic pain in North Alabama that will continue my COT therapy. I have been a patient for nearly 10 years. The sad part is, I own a home in NE AL and haven't been able to live in it due to the doctor problem. I have had to resort to living with family in home state of FL. I bought that AL mountain home hoping to retire there. I am ready to do that now.
If anyone could share info on a primary or PM doctor that would possibly continue my care, I would highly appreciate it. It's truly sad when an American citizens doesn't have the freedom to live anywhere they chose because of health issues.
Thanks for reading my request.
I hope you all have low pain day.

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Anne Says:

Hi Daisy, I'm a part of an established advocacy group that is working hard in Florida. I live in Alabama and am struggling to find a dr now that my very responsible long time dr has chosen to write buprenorphine only due to fear of discipline.

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