Hydrocodone/oxycodone Addiction And Resolution

Rob Says:

Hi evrybody, i've recently been blessed with a son, but if we rewind back i was injured at a young age (18) however i still live with this chronic pain to this day, i've had an upper lapendectomy amongst other procedures to help my back, however i've been prescribed hydrocodone since then, i'm now 24 years old and can eat enough to kill a rhino, I have this new blessing in my life and i want to be there for him, however the days i don't have painkillers the pain is simply too much to deal with, i've been hearing about suboxon, so i've checked the internet, will it help with my pain? i have shooting pains down my legs due to nerve damage and what i believe was a botched surgery, things are'nt good on all fronts, i NEED to be here for my son, but i also need to be able to deal with this pain so as i can provide a life for him and our family. any suggestions from anyone who knows something legitimate as to how i can control my pain and not be hindered by that monkey on my back, and i know all these can't be good for my liver to boot. it seems i can function on 3 oxycodone when it would take 10 norco (hydrocodone) but good luck getting a doctor to write a script for oxy because of everyone who chooses to abuse them for all the wrong reasons, i'm curious as to what drugs can help control pain and what is safe to take while using subuxon to kick the opiate habit. and please, no preachy posts about god and how i need em in my life... what i need is an answer god or his fanatics can't provide by preaching to me, this is desperation for me, for my son.

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nickynub Says:

Sorry. People on methadone usually switch to suboxone because it's easier to detox from. Unfortunately it doesn't do much for pain.

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Rob Says:

So if i were to start suboxon to help kick the opes then i would later have to deal with withdrawal from suboxon? another thing is i travel for work, if subox is only dispensed at clinics how the hell would i even get it? am i basically stuck with a life of dependency on opiates for pain relief?

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nickynub Says:

No, the good thing is you don't have to go to a clinic. Suboxone can be dispensed from a medical doctor. Just look in your area for one. Plus you only have to go 1x a month

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Rob Says:

ok and as far as withdrawal from suboxin itself? i'm like 4 days out now and its startin to get a little easier, just wonderin if i should just try to kick the opes and not worry bout subox, problem is pain management, it's crucial especially in my field of work

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Rob Says:

and thanks for the input nick, it is appreciated

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Mike Says:

You may want to think of Duragesic (fentanyl patch) It's all that helps me with my spinal pain(9herniations, 4 comp. fractures, scoliosis). It is also addictive but seems to work much longer before needing an increase. I started at 50mcg almost 10 years ago and have just moved to 100mcg and I have had no surgery but look at the defects I live with. Fentanyl has given me my life back as much as I can have it, so the side effects have been limited but I feel its been worth it. I am what you call a 'controlled addict', but again, it has worked very well.

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Verwon Says:

Any high dose of a narcotic is going to take its toll on you, be it Suboxone, Methadone, Oxycodone or any other.

As to using Suboxone to kick the habit, it CANNOT be prescribed by just ANY doctor! It has to be prescribed by one who has special training in its use and there are only a limited number of them in the U.S.

You can look for one in your area at:


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Loser2 Says:

Well if your wanting ""OFF"" the pain meds then (SUBUTEX),but suboxone works to block your pain receptors and everyone ive dealt with on Suboxone says that they get higher then hell.So there it is make ur own choice.Im on Morph60mgx2 a day ine to mend my tore up stomachRantidE.R.,Dilauda8mg every 4hrs and Oxycodone .15mg a day for breakthew pain,soma350mgx3 a day,

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Tony santos Says:

I have a lumbar drain on my back and twice a lumbar tap the damage my nerves on my legs and my lower back so bad that I'm taken hydocodone , Percocet I got epidural injection twice , all neurologists told me its nothing that can be done I am a mess but sometimes I use ice hot cream in my legs and a hot patch over we're they give me the lumbar drain it helps a little but nothing better than two percocet twice. A day and walk about two miles a day at nite so I get tired so I can sleep . If any body have a better remedy I'll try this pain sucks .

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Tiffinee Says:

Hey I was reading your post about you having nerve pain down your legs ...Talk to your Dr about being treated for neurapathy pain....High doses of neurotin was a miracle pill for me for unexplained pain I went through. And if you Google neurotin Dr's used Neurotin to get their patients off of Benzos and opaits ....And helped miraculously with pain....And also with Naproxen sodium:) GodBless

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Dana Says:

See that's why doctors don't want to help the people who hurt and don't feel high. I've been on of for 18 years and ive never been high and felt it. I'm too busy trying not to hurt and my broken neck from the airbag has been infused twice back and front and I stay in pain even with oc40 mg and 15 mg and I'm dam near 60yrs old and never have been high and knew it, so when you write about using meds recreationally hey you really need to keep that to yourself because you didn't help anyone!

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Misty Says:

Have you tried Lyrica my Dr had me on to high a dose then lower it to 50 mg and it works great for nerve pain and can be taken with hydrocodone.

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Donna Says:

Mike, first of all you are not an "addict", you are dependent! I was firmly told that by a pain management doctor once. He said "you don't get your drugs on the street"!!! Okay that being said, I was on the "patch" about 15 years ago and did fine with it and was able to quit easily. I just tried it again and it drove me up a wall. I have heard that the compounding of fentanyl may have been compromised by foreign manufacturers. I would not recommend it to anyone, BUT as a lung cancer survivor with nerve damage, I do recommend some of the "oldies" that work. I am on Morphine and that's it. I'm on the lowest dose I can take without my body metabolizing it out to where it does not show on my UA's. Everyone is different and I feel for your story; no one should have to deal with the pain, but we do because it's worth it (to me anyway). They just trashed my "out of control pain" medication which was/is Demerol/Phenergan shot. I only needed 3-4 a year depending on the weather and what I was doing. I was told it didn't need to go through my liver and kidneys like the oral meds. I would lobby to get the older meds back that have more proof that they work without the horrible side effects than deal with what Big Pharma allows us to have. Doctor's are upset they can't treat their own patients the way they want to anymore...need I say more?

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