Oxycodone And Dilaudid Anything Similar No Fecal Compaction

Mpathia Says:

I live in hell every day. My back is a mess nerves pinched. I actually "fall" to my kners. I do care anymore but all this started from a colonoscopy. Walked in hsd it done...got home excruiating pain in my entire girle are adductors hurt. On oxycodone and the slow relrase one, too. I am getting fecal impactions no matter WHAT I try. Help. Pain down legs lower back lower abdomen What can I do? I cannot take Tylenol products or NSAIDS

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mpathia! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having.

What have you tried to prevent this issue? More specifics would help with me being able to make suggestions and provide information. Thanks!

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Grumpy Pancreas in PDX Says:

Greetings, If you haven't already, go online & order stool softener laxatives from Amazon! I've been using opioid pain relievers for years and ALWAYS take about 750mg of Docusate Sodium/daily to keep stools normal. Talk to your doctor first, but all opioid pain meds. can bind you up like crazy; be sure to drink plenty of water everyday. Very important!!!

I would recommend Rugby brand stool softener, as they sell bottles of 100 capsules, 250mg each. I get six such bottles from Amazon for $17.99 (Amazon Prime includes S&H!) Very hard to beat the price, but shop carefully as Amazon prices fluctuate. As to the pain meds., keep working with your doctor to find most effective regime for yourself. Google pain relievers, print it out, and talk to your doctor. Best wishes!

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Tiny Says:

Hello I have been on opoids for disc problems and migraines for many years. Constipation is a horrible side effect. I don't recomend a laxitive as it will be a very painful experience. I have tried everything and I have found prevention is the best way to go. A strong probiotic has worked great for me and its natural. Try align everyday. A bit expensive but really worth it. It will keep you regular. There are also generic versions for align out now which could save you $30 a month. Also if you are still having problems try restorlax for longs bouts of constipation. Hope this info helps Goodluck

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