Oxycodone And Oxycontin Sweats

jana Says:

I take 120 mg of OxyContin twice a day and 4 30 mg oxycodone's a day for breakthrough pain about 4 hours apart from each other. I also have a spinal cord stimulator in my back. The battery in my back has to be charged about once a week. I thought it was the battery in my back that made me so hot!! I start sweating if I get nervous, anxious, and especially during the summer!! I can't get off my mess bc of the pain I'd have. An ex-boyfriend pushed me through a wall in our house and my back took the brunt of it!

I'm just tired of the sweating for so many reasons! I look like I just got out of the pool! What's the point of hair and makeup when I sweat it all off? I'm so sick of this! Is it the meds I take, my battery or a combination? Please help with any advice!! Thank you all!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Jana! How are you?

It may be due to the Oxycodone and Oxycontin, narcotics can cause that as a side effect in some people that take them. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation and dry mouth.

I had the same problem, when I was on it for pain management years ago. I'm not sure what can be done about it, other than possibly switching to a different medication.

However, I do know what you can do about your makeup issue, there are several excellent face primers on the market that will help keep it from melting off like that. My favorite one is made by E.L.F., it's inexpensive and works great. I use it over my entire face, before applying foundation. They also have great primers available for your eyes and lips, I apply those next, then the rest of my makeup and it lasts through anything.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

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Cher Says:

I was wondering what your age is? Assuming you are female since you were talking about make-up (but I suppose you could be a man...) Anyway, I have been taking roxicodone for years and had similar symptoms recently appear. The doctor told me it had nothing to do with the oxy and everything to do with menopause. I am in my late 40's but started perimenopause in my late 30's. Just a thought i had while reading this. I get really bad night sweats and my doctor prescribes paroxetine to help with anxiety and night sweats. It took a few weeks but I am feeling great at the moment!!

Good Luck.

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Verwon Says:

Perimenopause has been known to start as young as 35, for me, it started around age 42.

You may be onto something with this regarding the original poster.

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painladylikesthepills Says:

Honey I sweat like a pig z! Even cleaning I am soaking wet! When around my daughter she gets so p.o. and says it embarrassing to her but if I don't take the oxycodone for a while I don't sweat! So I believe it's the oxycodone.

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B4itends Says:

I have the same problems with the same meds. My doctor says it can't be the meds because I've been on them for so many years, but I don't believe it because I have no other health issues. I'm getting off of these toxic meds as soon as possible.

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Jana Says:

Thanks for all of your responses!! At least I know I'm not alone with this problem! I was in a store and all of a sudden I just started sweating! The girls working in the store thought I was having a diabetic spell!! They were so sweet! They gave me a piece of candy. The sweating attacks happened about 5 other times! To be honest, I haven't said anything to my PM Doctor bc I'm afraid he will take me off my meds and I need them. I hate when u have to experiment with different meds! Trying to get amounts right, etc. Anyone who has daily pain and is treated by a PM Doctor knows what I'm talking about. Pain SUCKS AND ITS FOREVER AND ALWAYS AND I HATE HATE HATE THIS!!! Tears rolling down now !
I pray that all of you that responded to me that your pain is manageable and more than that, goes away! May the LORD bless and keep each of you!

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Dea worker Says:

There going to take u off soon anyway switch to tramadols N surgery 120 is way to
High a day slow killiing u soon only 7day scripts no more tm then 30mg a day but 2018 save them up now oxys about to be banned

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Babycat Says:

I know your grief. A full size horse fell on me and now trail testing g on pain pills. Grrrr. Wish I could just take ibuprofen and be .

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Buckie Says:

Your dr. is doing good by you. You must be in a lot of pain. I've got cancer through out my body; I have 6 to 8 months. I get no where near this kind of pain relief! God bless. And good luck.

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Dawn Says:

I feel so releaved reading these responses! I was on Morophine pills 30 mg ER 2x day for chronic back pain, 2 bilevel fusion surgeries. It was causing me waves of nausea and flushing and daytime sweating. As another post said, anxiety or heat triggered profuse sweating. I spoke to my pain management doc and he said he'd never heard of it. After a few months of this, we switched me to ER OXYCONTIN 15 mg 2 x day. Nausea went away, sweating episodes not as long as morophine, but chills and sweats all day long, even low grade fever (also listed as possible), for no reason. I read the RX side effects print out and all of this was listed as possible. Again, my doc sees hundreds of patients and has never had anyone mention these side effects. REALLY? I find that hard to believe. So I decided on my own to stop taking the ER ( extended release) pills last friday, and increased my break thru pills, Percocet, to 4 a day. I sent my doctor an email to be sure I'm getting equivalent dose of opiods to avoid withdrawels, waiting for call from his nurse today. Now, 5 days later, I am only chilling/hot when Percs wear off which I assume might be my body going through withdrawels since it's use to having a constant delivery of meds thru the ER pills. Overall though, side effects much better since I made the decision to stop ER pills. I don't know why they effected me this way, but just had my suspicions since I didn't have this problem b4 starting extended release pills. I don't recommend anyone suddenly stopping an opiod without talking to their doctor, I only did it as the side effects were maddening and I had a back up medication to take. I will be interested in getting my doctors take on it today, but am just thankful I'm not the only one with those symptoms, as my doctor suggests. I'm wondering if opiods in general can cause these effects.

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bdnej Says:

Re: Jana (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Thank u....every time I go to the dr I get Xanax adderall and subutex...... they have a pharmacy in my drs office so I get 120 2mg greenstone Xanax, subutex 8mg x60 pills, and adderall 60 x 30mg pills. Used to be 90 pills which sucks. But I get anxiety before each appointment because my dr is always late and if I run out of one of the meds, life sucks. Except for adderall, but if I run out of Xanax and subutex I’ll come Into the office sweating bullets. So I don’t do that anymore.

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Optimistic Says:

Re: Cher (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Meh I don’t think so. I take oxy now & sweat (I’m in my mid 40s) but when I took it for years in my late 20s I had the same problem.

I found that breaking my pills in half and taking them more often (microdosing in a way) kept the sweating and faint nausea at bay. That method doesn’t always help with people’s pain though, but it’s worth a try- half a pill every 3 hours instead of a whole one every 6 hours, for example.

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