Is Risperdal (risperdone) Like Alprozalam (xanax)
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Des Says:

I am wondering if Xanax (a benzo-) is like Risperdal (a benzi-) and if the two are related in any way?

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Anthony Says:

Re: Will (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I failed one for exact same thing was talking risperdal for anxiety

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James may Says:

Re: granny08 (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Seems to be answering the question. I was kind of wondering too.
Just in case you forgot what the question was, let's try this again because I want to know. ("is Risperdal the same thing as benzodiazepine?)

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Gotenks Says:

Re: Terri (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

No no no do not give this to a person with Alzheimer's or dementia as they could die

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Lorrie B Says:

Re: Terri (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

My mother's geriatrician prescribed risperdal for agitation, she has Alzheimer's. So I guess that would be a "yes". We haven't given her any yet, would prefer not to sedate her to that extent unless she gets REALLY agitated. We've since managed the agitation with more attention, hugs, listening, letting her cry.... drugs aren't always the best solution, and they should be used very sparingly in seniors.

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Had enough Says:

Yes I tried Risperdal. Now every full moon night I Go out and howl in the woods

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AdviceMed Says:

When I was on the medication I experienced the same thing. I would talk to your psychiatrist about those concerns or about getting off as soon as possible. I had the same issue regarding too much sleep and weight gain but was moved on to Lithium. In the end (now recovered completely) being on Risperdal was probably one of the worst experiences becauae you miss out on so much in life sleeping it away. I hope everything works out!

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Miz Mabel Says:

Did you have issues with anger or easily agitated or displayed some form of aggressive behavior poor to being prescribed Risperdal? Miz Ma

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Daniel Says:

I don't think they are the same. Keep going back to doctor and stating Xanax works better.

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Wiggles Says:

I've been prescribed sera quail retilin depecote now respirdal i don't like these when I get bad attacks anxiety anger social issues she gives me Zanex and it works best for my issues how do I get my script switch to Zanex

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AdviceMed Says:

The two pharmaceutical drugs are completely different. Xanax is a controlled substance in the class of Benzodiazepine () used to treat Panic Disorder and Anxiety.
Risperdol is used to treat disorders like Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis, and Irritability caused by Autism. Risperdal (Resperidone) is an Antipsychotic.
() Benzodiazepines possess sedative, hypnotic, anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, and muscle relaxant properties..
Do not use either of these medications for other purposes than prescribed.. They work in completely different ways.

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Kayann Says:

I've been on risperdal for 3years and I'm currently tapering off it.,It's a very dangerous drug and has stolen my personality! This happens with many people who take it. I have severe depressing, high anxiety, flat emotions, the inability to feel any joy or pleasure (anhedonia), can't sit still. It's horrible! Slowly taper off now. The longer you're on, the worse it gets.

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Che Says:

Just read trazadone was analgesic pain reliever and it's a very small narcotic to o

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Crazy Says:

my many years under sychiatric care i have been perscribed numerous antisychotic meds. In my exsperiance all of them were no good. Yes they might com me down or help me b more active but all had awful side affects as u have exsplained above. Very bad dteams of death or dying. I often dreamed of the devil. It literally tourchered me. I had to finally take a stand and stop them all. I have really bad anxiety with high blood pressure and i treat it with xanax. They started me on colonopin first....then xanax helped me better. I am biopolar and ptsd n i just deal with it on my own. O wud much rather deal than b scared to death daily. My exsperience.

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Terri Says:

Can risperidone be used for Alzheimer's?To treat for short term delusional periods?

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Tallie Says:

Risperdal is also taken for anti-anxiety. I take it myself & find it more the useful. I get panic attacks due to high anxiety in my day to day life. The little pink pill is the only way I have found to cope with something that is otherwise out of my control. I don't care what other disorders it is used to treat. And I do not associate myself with any of them. It has allowed me to live my life the way I want to. And in the end that's all that matters. If it helps you - don't give a s*** about any kind of stigma. If it helps, that's all that matters.

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chrissylee Says:

When was you diagnosed I'm going thru this with my 16 yr old saughter. Its so hard no being able to help her

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Will Says:

Does Risperdal come up in a U/A as a benzodiazepine?

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Chantel Says:

Hi, I'm currently taking Risperdone for bi-polar disorder, I just recently been diagnosed and I notice that when I get up in the morning I feel like I never even been to sleep, I can't keep my eyes opened & I can't even do my usual daily tasks. I'm always hungry & I noticed that within the month & a half I've been taking this med, I am gaining a lot of weight, I really wish I could find out what's another bi-polar med I can take because this one makes me feel so uncomfortable taking it, but if I stop I can tell the difference. Does anyone know another med I can take besides Risperdone, that their taking.... I see online that this med has alot of side effects for men, but what about women, because I personally see side effects within myself, my breast are also always sore.... Im not so sure about this anymore, but I need it because I'm an even bigger mess without it

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been there done that Says:

Hello I know how you feel im gonna just cone right out and say it .im in recovery 14 yrs when i stopped using. Opiates (Codiene) i didnt sleep for over a year. I thought i was going to lose my mind but i got thru it meditation and prayer,, help to. And you wont die from lack of sleep and the depression sucks big time my partner was a severely depressed and a goraphobic too she got past it.and as far as your daughter is concerned my 35 yr old son still lays the guilt on thick im 56 and started over i have 3 grandkids and a 7 yr old daughter and soon to be 5 yr old son im still on meds. but i like me today
Good Luck and God bless,

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icicle Says:

Hi. This is my 1st time on medchat. My question is: why is it that the drugs prescribed by my psychiatrist all have horrible side effects; however, the drugs prescribed by my primary care physician make me feel better? I have been prescribed 0.5mg risperdal & i DO NOT want to take it bcuz of this reason--- just more of the same "cant sit still, legs r crawling w/ants inside, running to the bathroom constantly cuz it FEELS like i have to go- but i dont, my brain is frying, nightmares where i can see INSIDE my body &/or my brain is on the OUTSIDE of my head. Its VERY SCARY to even THINK about what all i have been thru w/these so-called "ANTI-PSYCHOTICS!!!" THEY MAKE ME FEEL WORSE & DOUBT MY SANITY FOR BEING A *GUINEA-PIG* & LETTING MYSELF KEEP DOING THIS... one-more-time... one-more-time...

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