Lorazepam Made By Sandoz Who Carries It I Have Been Put On Watson And Do Not Feel Well

Marjorie Says:

I was told that Sandoz was not available, must there must be some pharmacy that carries it...

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joe Says:

good luck, i think once you find it you will be very disappointed, the sandoz brand is "suppose to be" the old activus lorazapam but after being a user of the activus brand for over ten years i can tell you that sandoz has watered down the product until it is worthless, if you read the other comments made here you will see that not one person including myself can state that this product works, actually it gave me insomnia, imagine that, what is suppose to help you sleep actually keeps you awake, check out the other comment sections on lorazapam on this site, it may help you find something that works.

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Marjorie Says:

I have taken Sandoz Lorazepam for awhile and have never had a problem, since I am on Watson, I feel miserable and don't know where to turn. There has to be a drug store that still orders Sandoz,and I would love to hear from someone who knows...

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cat Says:

I have been on ranbaxy 2mg lorazepam for severe PTSD. They have worked since 04 and worked well! recently cvs has switched up their brands and also I've now tried 3 different generics and none of them even touch my anxiety! My doctor wrote out name brand and I went to 3 pharmacies and none had it in stock nor would they order it, they treated me like I was crazy. I had my PTSD under control with ranbaxy and now I cannot sleep,eat or focus.I am suffering,this is stupid that pharmacies don't carry name brand either -uhhhhh who does! sick of getting stressed over anxiety meds!

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Angela Says:

I was also on sandoz lorazepam for many years for my epilepsy and just recently it's been switched to Watson. I've had 6 seizures in a week and feel like crap! I've been calling all the pharmacies and they're all out. But I'm in massachusetts. Call your doctor, sometimes they have extras that the pharma companies give them. Good luck and I hope you feel better!

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Marjorie Says:

I did find a drug store that is getting me Sandoz Lorazepam, Bath Pharmacy in Bath Pa.....God Bless them

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scareywow Says:

I am new to all medications- I have never wanted to take anything.....I have numerous medical conditions, each very hard to deal with. I was prescribed .05 Lorazepam and was scared to take it, but fought the fear and tried it, to my surprise, it helped me deal with some medical conditions ( without feeling drugged, and not too sleepy ) helped me to function more.

I didn't pay attention to the maker when getting my scripts filled.

In July I got my script filled and took the .05 dose ( never took it more then once a day ) and while my other scripts did seem to take a long time to have any positive effect - this new script actually made me feel worse 10 minutes or so after taking- I would get increased muscle spasms - anxiety- tension, dizzier, nausea....just escalating ...... and then after about 2 hours...I would feel excessively drugged- severe dizziness and sleepiness and HAVE to go lay down, and it would make me pass out.....and then after sleeping a long time- wake up still dizzier and anxious, yet SLEEPY and want to lay back down....

I thought maybe its my conditions....just worsening, and that may be true...but I looked at the pills and they are WATSON with a 240 on the back side.......I checked what the old pills were and they were SZ- 197 & a half moon with 57 on back- which were fine and worked well and made by SANDOZ....

So I started researching, like all of you and find some say they like WATSON- others prefer Sandoz, or some other generic....I don't understand ...and I did look up the inactive ingredients on ones I could find, and found the inactive ingredients are very similar or same- so WHAT could this be?

I am having to jump some hoops now with my prescribing Doctor and shred my a remaining script not yet filled, and turn in 26 of the 30 WATSON I did have filled on 9-20-14 so that I can get the generic from SANDOZ ( I did find a local pharmacy that has both the WATSON and the SANDOZ with the half moon.....

For someone like me so afraid to take medications, and when I finally bit the bullet and found something to help me a little, I am really scared...

I told my Doctor over the phone and he explained the process described above with shredding the old script and turning in what I had left- but it leaves me with no medication until THEN- he said to just take 2 of what I had....( the WATSON ) and I said NO- taking ONE is bad enough........this is just terrible...

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Ann Says:

I was taking Sandoz lorazepam and felt fine. My new prescription made by Watson doesn't work as well. I have crazy dreams with the Watson brand and I just don't feel right. I don't like the Watson brand.

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river Says:

looking up watson 242-2 supposed to be 2mg lorazepam. can't find the exact image on pill indentifier. any one know ?

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hi i have been taking sandoz flinitrazapam 1MG for some time to sleep .
in the last few months i caNT GET THEM AT THE PHARMACY FOR SOME TIME

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