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greg Says:

I am having a hard time finding a dr in staten island NY. Even after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 3years ago& being prescribed oxycontin for almost 2 years my dr has moved his practice& no other doctors are willing to help me the same way my last doc was now with him not around& me off the meds I was on for so long my pain from MS has progressed I do have all mri's& documents that state I do have MS. Can I be helped??

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greg Says:

Sorry I meant to say I was subscribed oxycodone and am looking for a new doctor to subscribe the same 30mg roxicodone I was on since my dr has moved away from new York,si because my ms has been progressing and those meds are the only pain meds I can take I will travel to the city or any of the 5 burrows to find another doctor willing to subscribe me pain meds.

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Verwon Says:

There are several pain management doctors and treatment centers listed in Staten Island, however, I don't have any information on their treatment protocols, what insurance they accept and etc. However, here is the listed contact information, so you can look into them:

Richmond University Medical Center
355 Bard Avenue, Staten Island - (718) 818-1234

Pain Relief Clinic
126 Wieland Avenue, Staten Island - (718) 966-8120

Anne Marie Stilwell MD
The H.H. Richardson House
45 McClean Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10305


When seeing a new doctor, make sure to take a complete copy of your medical records with you, or have them sent to their office, that way they can see what medications have and have not worked for you, as well as the results of any testing and etc.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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24char Says:

I have had M.S. since '96 and know quite a few others with also. I have never heard of a Dr. willing to prescribe oxy's or roxy's for M.S. What does your neurologist suggest? My neuro prescribes my pain meds for M.S. with no need to go to a pain clinic. Most likely they will want to try you on other pain meds first because of the massive abuse that goes on with the oxy's, roxy's. Most of them are going to want you to try Neurotin, Lyrica, etc. which are the drugs for nerve pain which is the most common cause of pain in M.S. I know that there is pain with M.S. but a lot of Dr.'s don't seem to realize that. Good luck.

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Keith Says:

I also have MS I was diagnosed around 13 years ago when I was 20. I also now have leukemia that was given to me The doctors believe from a trial I was on for the MS. it was a trial where the patients with MS that where on one of The ABC drugs 70 percent of them died. I was one of The lucky ones that got a brand new diese that causes me a great deal of pain and suffering. Anyway what kind of doctor are you going to? YOu need a good neurologist and they will either give you something to her with your pain or send you to a anesthesiaoligist they are your pain doctors. BUt look if You are going in asking for oxy your screwing up as you have now been labeled as a drug seeker. Their are tons of good meds out there that will help you. I've been stage 5 ms for 9 years. On an eeg how they physically measure the pain your brain shows I am a 15 out of 20 for my normal everyday measurement. People pass out at 17. I live at a 15 at my best everyday. TRust me when I tell you I know pain. I've tried every drug out there some work better that the others OFcourse. Oxy is one of the better ones but most reputable docs will label you as drug seeking if that's all you ask for. YOu ask them for help first. You tell them YOu are in distress from pain and you can't live a comfortable life and you need help. ONce they actually believe you they are going to ask what You have tried before. That's when you hit them with the oxy. Show them proof and explain that your other doctor moved away. You can also ask your old doctor for a reference. NOw why did your other doc move? DId he have a bad name. If if did your not going to want to include him. You can also ask the company who makes the meds purdue if they can give you A list me doctors in your area that prescribe the meds you want. THey are usually helpful as they want to sell the meds. I'm using my phone for this and its hard to write sorry if anything is messed up.

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Keith Says:

That other person is correct most neuro's are going to want You to try all the nerve meds first. You combat that with they make you sleepy or put you in a weird state me mind. TEll them its hard for you to work and live a somewhat normal life if your sleeping all the time and when you can manage to stay awake your yelling at people and pretty much just want to rip everyone's head off. You need to find out why your doctor moved. Was he what they call a pill mill? Was he one me those doctors that gave anyone anything they wanted. Because they move around every couple of years. Even if if wasn't that way with you was he using you as one of the ligit patients for his dea reviews. If his practice was questionable its going to be better to distance yourself from him. When you TAlk to your new doc tell them the reason you left was he didn't offer you help. He just wanted to write your script take your money and that was it. He wasn't willing to try new things or even offer advice. DOctors like to hear that. MAkes you sound willing to try different things which they like because they get kickbacks from manufacturers and most have a god complex and like to hear their own voice.

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robyn C Says:

so is it possible to locate any on long island?

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greg Says:

Thanks Kieth stay up you were alot of help

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greg Says:

I haven't tried long island I rarely make it out there

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robyn c Says:

:( I am so frustrated...I have arthritis and a couple of other things i consider chronic...I go to the pain managament center in RVC long island and im told to STRETCH MORE.!!!! What about queens/brooklyn?

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Terrence Says:

What's up email me. I'm looking for a doc to. Any luck I'm in Nassau long island. Sick of paying 20. For them

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eileen Says:

I need a pain management doctor in Flint,MI who is willing to prescribe opiate medication. I have legitimate,documented,verifiable spinal issues.

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NeedHelp Says:

Did you have any luck - in same boat

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rchase Says: my mom and aunt both have chronic pain,,,my aunt has scleroderma and my mom,,,i dont know what is wrong with her but they both go to Barry Gruber M.D. located on west main street babylon long island at the long island rheumatology and osteoperosis center..One gets oxycontin(10s) and the other gets percs (10/325) Give him a try. 631 376 3760
I 99% sure thats the number. Im trusting that this will stay anonymous. Im just trying to help.Please dont throw me under the bus.

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eileen Says:

Was "Need help's' question to me? If so,I'm sorry to say that I've had no success yet.Had a great pain management doc before I moved.Unfortunately,he doesnt know any docs in my new area.Its easy to show the legitimacy of my issues. Some doctors want me to try meds I've already tried,and others just dont believe in narcotics for chronic pain.Really hoping to get a referral from this site 1Best of luck to you,too.

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rchase Says:

thought i just gave you one

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sk agarwal Says:

i am 65, having loose motions after breakfast in the morning 2 to 3 times and simply have fine till next brekfast. leanrt about HABBA syndrome taken simvastatin 10mg. and LANSOPROZOL 30mg., empty stomock it worked but after few weeks i feel not relieved
i had my gallbladder removed iin 2006 and the problem began after that

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eileen Says:

I'm in Flint,MI

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robyn c Says:

oh,,,yeah,,,NY is a bit of a commute from Flint..
Sorry Eileen But for Terrence its perfect...Unfortunately not for me...If you are a senior citizen you have a MUCH easier time getting what you need,...The doctors dont seem to care that you might get addicted. Thats why my mother and my aunt have scripts.

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robyn c Says:

Terrence,,,read rchase's post #13

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eileen Says:

I do appreciate your effort to help,just the same.Got a few years till i'm a senior.But I've made it to 51 !What a problem this is for lots of us,this whole pain thing,

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Back pain Says:

Re: Painfree (# 135) Expand Referenced Message

Myndoctor moved i am on oxycodone baclofen and gabapentin for my chronic back pain. I have medicaid healthfirst. Whom do you recommend for medicine management? Ever grateful,

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Marc Says:

Need a doctor in Massachusetts or Rhode Island to prescribe pain meds to help the quality of my life. I was on oxycodone 30 mg for 15 years and methadone, now on Suboxone. It does not work. Please help, I'm in so much pain. Thanks.

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JMJ Says:

Re: R L (# 166) Expand Referenced Message

I believe you. I had knees with holes bored through by bone spurs, due to rheumatoid. My ortho specialist offered shots only for my pain. Every time I brought up pain, which was not often, he would get cute, flirt and joke around, offer a shot which I accepted at times, rejected at times. One time I requested a pain med to help me sleep, and I got the shaming spiel about the dangers of those meds causing breathing issues and death, which of course, meant no. This was after being his patient for 8 years.

After having knees scoped, therapy, mri's, and xrays. The only med he allowed was 20 Norco after surgery. Ended up with BOTH knees replaced. One at 42, one at 52. Your doctor G, like my doctor, has no patience when it comes to PAIN. Talking about pain was like discussing some kind of sexual problem with my dentist. Pain, because it can not be seen, is like describing a nasty smell. Can't be seen. The listener will never smell it, they just have to take your word for it. But truly, they just wish you'd shut up!

Yep, what you know, who you know, how you describe it, or how your tests look, makes NO difference. They either will or won't treat pain. They either have compassion, or they dont. In their defense, they only have their gut feelings about you. Are you worth the risk or not. Even if you are only looking for short term relief, you will have to dump Dr. G. and look for a doc that will help IF you need it, when you need it. Everyone is in this place, where you now find yourself. Some chronic. Some temporarily. But we need to know they will help if needed. Good luck, RL. Most sincere hope you find a good AND compassionate doctor.

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R L Says:

Re: Carol (# 144) Expand Referenced Message

Perhaps no other person can better inculcate good medical ethics into a young doctor’s mind other than himself. Which scenario is more of beneficence to a patient suffering from persistent pain on his shoulders – is it the lecturing about opioids or is it a discussion of where his pain is and its history? I got the former but definitely not the latter. Or should there be a good balance of both? I wish there was but neither did I get that. I went to this doctor March, 2018 because I read good reviews about him online. My experience with Dr. Germanovich was very disappointing. He seemed already so prepared to address something even before the consultation started. He treated me as if I was there to ask for more hydrocodon. A consultation should start with a doctor being compassionate with a patient’s pain and this includes not summarily treating all patients as if they had no control with their lives and were there to ask for more hydrocodon. My main treating orthopedic surgeon knows very well that I have been trying to get away from hydrocodon. I also come from a family where many of my immediate relatives are doctors, specialists, and nurses. I could get the hydrocodon from them if I wanted to. But I did not. Instead, my relatives advised me to use it sparingly and only for severe pain and I followed my treating orthopedic surgeon’s and my relatives’ advice.

So I went to this doctor hoping to find one who is caring and understanding and would listen to my problems of constant shoulder pain. This doctor, Dr. Germanovich did not even want to listen to me. I mentioned to him that I was using hydrocodon and that my last prescription was December 21, 2017. He asked how many were prescribed and I told him 30. I told him that I was out by end of February. That’s more than 2 months. I did not even utter the words that I wanted a prescription for hydrocodon. He was dismissive and lectured me on the dangers of hydrocodon. I have been lectured enough by my relatives. I have an uncle in New York who is a retired anesthesiologist, another uncle who is a general surgeon, a first cousin who is an orthopedic surgeon, a younger sister who is a doctor, first cousins who are doctors who have lectured me on the dangers of hydrocodon. And I listened to them. If I have used hydrocodon in the past it is because I had three surgeries on both shoulders. And I did not even ask for them at that time. I was there with Dr. Germanovich hoping to find a way out of this persistent pain on both shoulders and away from hydrocodon because I’ve used it for quite a time and I know it is affecting my mind. I felt that what was dominating in his mind was to tell me about the dangers of hydrocodon. He is mean-spirited and showed an attitude of lecturing people about hydrocodon. It’s fine if he does so but I also felt that this doctor keeps a distance and does not want to listen to anything else. I did not even utter the words that I wanted a prescription for hydrocodon.

I went to that consultation with a CD of my medical history and I saw his staff download it into their computer. I felt that this doctor did not read my medical history because he wrote on his progress notes that I was not interested in a surgery recommended by both my treating orthopedic surgeon and another orthopedic surgeon's 2nd opinion last March 2017. I did get that recommended surgery last June 22, 2017 - my third on my shoulders. Inside the consultation room, I told him that I did not get a benefit from my third surgery and I still have ongoing problems of pain on my left shoulder. Because of an incorrect statement on his progress notes that I was not interested in a third surgery, it was an indication that he did not read my medical history. Diagnosing my constant pain would require thoughtfulness and a thorough medical history. He had an authoritarian streak and did not even bother to ask me where my pain was and if I have more pain on my left shoulder than on my right shoulder. He was cold and dismissive. He basically commanded the physician-patient interaction instead of a two-way interaction. I was there inside the room consulting with him for less than 10 minutes. Before I left the office, I asked his medical assistant to ask him to correct his narrative. I received a call that day that this doctor will not correct his narrative on his progress notes. He is a young doctor with an idealistic advocacy of stamping out abuse of narcotics. I hope that as he matures in his chosen field, his idealism will be tempered with the reality that not everyone is an abuser of opioids. I am hopeful that instead of a hypocritical concern about the abuse of opioids, what would come first in his mind is a real concern for those who are in perpetual pain. In his hypocritical advocacy about the abuse of opioids, some things were not discussed. There was no discussion where my pain was and if I had one or more areas in my shoulders where I have constant pain. He prescribed Gabapentin, told me how it was to be taken but did not even tell me what it was for or what he was diagnosing me with. Am I not supposed to know? I read the literature that came with Gabapentin and learned that he probably diagnosed me with nerve pain. Well, the Gabapentin didn’t work. Everyone deserves respect and to be heard. This doctor should not be cold and dismissive and summarily assume that every patient of his abuses opioids. He was just too consumed about it. I went home from that appointment feeling his mean-spiritedness and feeling my own hopelessness with this constant pain. If one has muscoloskeletal problems on his shoulders, one shouldn’t go to him. It’s not listed on his website as a sub-specialty that he treats.

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harry Says:

Re: Painfree (# 135) Expand Referenced Message

Hey man, I would really appreciate it if u could give me the info for the doctors in long island. And if you want anything in return, I will do anything in my power to help you out. Thanks man. Take care.

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Larry Says:

Re: Painfree (# 137) Expand Referenced Message

Hey my doctor is retiring I also have chronic pain I have to herniated disc in c2 and c3 I’m addition to that I have two bluffed disc and sciatica can u please help me my doctor is retiring next month thank you I’m advance

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nolamom2three Says:

I am a CPP. I've had two back surgeries both within weeks of one another but still suffer from multiple disc herniations along with spinal stenosis and arthritis. Last neurosurgeon I saw wouldn't even consider a fusion. Sadly, my doctor is no longer practicing; he accepted my insurance and made sure that I was at a tolerable pain level. I have not had any luck finding a new doctor, most do not accept my insurance and only accept cash making the visits very costly. Does anyone in the Louisiana, preferably New Orleans area know of a decent doctor who will prescribe a long-acting pain medicine along with breakthrough medicine. I don't expect to find another doctor who will prescribe what I was getting but preferably close to it. I was prescribed 2-80mg Oxycontin ER twice a day and 5-30 mg oxycodone IR for breakthrough pain every 6 hours-that's 5 a day or every 6 hours. So appreciate the help.

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travelinman2269 Says:

I'm 28 yrs post MVA roll over and have been in Pain Management for approximately 15 years and my Dr recently retired. I am located just N of Orlando FL. I have been on MS Contin 100 mg plus breakthrough meds and now I am finding myself without an MD. If anyone knows a Dr that will write with plenty of documentation, I'm desperately seeking help... Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.

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Kandi Says:

What are the most in quantity wise, that a pain doctor or a neurologist can prescribe? And are any in the Plano, McKinney, Sherman, or Dallas, Texas that can prescribe up to 180 10-325 Hydrocodone? I've had 2 back surgeries. Had work done on L3,4,5,S1,and C2. Got hit by an 18 wheeler.

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Me Says:

Dr. Feldman is located on Long Island. He is a pain management doctor.
Look up Dr. Feldman, Hickville NY

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