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winjy Says:

My pharmacy told me that they can't buy mylan any more and they do not know if it is discontinued or not.

Since Qualitest lorazepam was discontinued, Mylan is the only lorazepam that works (less effective than Qualitest) but works with less side effects than others (Watson, leading pharma, actavis: don't work causing serious side effects).

Any alternatives, or another generic lorazepam that works ok? Lorazepam is the only sedative that works for me for anxiety and stiffness due to side effects of levothyroxine. Other medicine such as clonazepam, alprazolam (xanax), cymbalta, zoloft, lexapro, etc do not work.

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Gabby Says:

Re: Jamie (# 39) Expand Referenced Message

Jamie you should look into getting the brand name through your insurance. Maybe they will help you. If I were you I'd talk to your doctor about telling them your situation. It couldn't hurt. I wasn't as lucky as you and Deedee having your pharmacist order as much as they could for you and she. As I wrote on another post that hasn't posted yet I wasn't as fortunate that my pharmacist would do the same for me when I asked. I have one last straw left as of now. I have less then a week left and I'm at the mercy of having to take something else so I don't go into withdrawals. Wishing y'all the best....

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Gabby Says:

winjy (# 45) --

Seriously I think they're just plain done. I believe they sold out to one of the larger pharmaceutical companies for a hefty price. I don't believe for one minute that we'll ever see the Mylan we've been taken for years. If we do it will be under another company that kept the logo and changed fhe formula just like all the other generic lorazepam that have bellied up. Nothing we can do about this. Pretty sure I'm done talking about Mylan.

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Jamie Says:

Re: Gabby (# 44) Expand Referenced Message

I have tried other benzos. They do not work. My pharmacy was able to order 60 bottles! I called yesterday. Thankfully I will be good for a while. Hopefully mylan figures things out or something better comes along.

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HomeTown Mom Says:

Re: HomeTown Mom (# 35) Expand Referenced Message

Leading Pharma uses 2 of the 4 inactive ingredients that MYLAN used. Not close enough. Some stomach upset, no relief from anxiety, nerve pain, or sleeplessness... Mylan was a CureAll... Next appointment in about 4 weeks...

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RobertA Says:

Re: Gabby (# 53) Expand Referenced Message

I live in CT (on the east Coast). CVS used to carry lorazepam by Mylan, now they cannot get it, they have none.

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Gabby Says:

Re: RobertA (# 54) Expand Referenced Message

I think Jamie was saying she's up that way and she was able to have her pharmacist order 60 bottles for her. I don't remember what strength she's taken. But wow ya know. My pharmacist could have done the same thing for me but didn't. Now I'm taken another brand in hopes I don't end up in a tainspin. Trying to figure out how they got their hands on Sandoz when they're no longer making it. Guessing they must have had some in their warehouse. Took my last Mylan ever today. :(

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RockerJ Says:

Re: Henry (# 68) Expand Referenced Message

Hey Henry I did in fact try the Roche brand name Klonopin. My doctor has to fill out 2 different forms (brand penalty exception form) and a (tier penalty exception form). I was hoping to god that this would be the solution. Unfortunately, I was having no luck with even the brand name. A 90 day supply of 1 mg 3 times daily was $1689. With the exceptions I received, it brought it down to a copay of $150, which I was fine with as long as they work. They are the same as the Actavis for me. Severe headaches, racing heart, and high pitch ringing in my ears. Some doctors are saying it’s because I’m in withdrawals from the Mylan brand (since I was on that one for 11 years) and some are saying it’s the new meds, so who knows. I’m just at my wits end. I can’t believe the same medication differs this much by manufacturer. Mylan was the best for me for anxiety and OCD. I went from feeling great and going to work as a flight attendant, to having severe anxiety even being around people. I’m very desperate for help and answers at this point.

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Chris Says:

I was told mylan discontinued.tried leading brand,had headaches,felt panicky, didn't sleep and it has stopped seizures,now the leading brand I felt arua again. I ask about brand name cost me$5000.00 a month. I can't do that.. I worry everyday,what's gone to happen when all mylan used up this month.any other generic available?

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Coley Says:

Took me about 1 month to get used to Watson lorezapam and now CVS has that on back order as well and tried to give me the leading brand which was HORRIBLE like taking a sugar pill.

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Jamie Says:

So my doctor was able to get prior auth for name brand. I took my first “Ativan” today. Hit me like a brick. Feel so drugged, jello legs ect. Dizzy and just not right. He suggested playing with the dose as he did state that name brand is more potent. I’m sure some of you will say shut up you’re lucky to have name brand. All in all, I just want to feel like how I did on Mylan. Has anyone else ever taken actual Ativan and felt like this or any updates on how true it is that Mylan will make a comeback? Thanks in advance!

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Jibs55 Says:

Re: Jamie (# 83) Expand Referenced Message

I think what you experience was drug withdrawals from Mylan. I've been on every generic lorazepam that is available in well States. The only one that worked for me was Mylan or brand Ativan.

When I switched to brand again I had the same experience I didn't back when Biovail took it over from Wyeth. Needed extra to balanced out from time to time. So that's when I went on Mylan. The real Ativan was made by Wyeth and Biovail turned it into a generic. Valeant bought BiovaIl and kept the same formula that Biovail made.

It works for me and doesn't cause any bad side effects. It's just not as balanced as it was when Wyeth made it. Valeant can spin their story all they want its not the same and hasn't been since 04. So I'm not paying for it through my insurance. Drove my premium up.

Watson is absolutely horrible. The only other generic that worked for me was Sandoz that I used for a very short time last year. But nothing like this Watson junk.

I made some calls to find out about the Aurbindo lorazepam but was told it wasn't available. Walgreens told me that. Though I don't believe it because the shortage website said its out there. So no clue where to go from there but to call the company or email them.

My hopes is like yours that Mylan will make a come back. If they're making it for Hospital settings and nursing homes from what Richard said maybe if we keep calling them they'll see a need to bring it back?

Short of calling my local and state reps to see what they can do about making sure these brands that cause so many horrific side effects could be looked into. It makes no sense to me if they have to put the same amount of active ingredients in their brands then why do they mess us up? Yes I know the fillers play a factor in this. Also they change how it is released into ones system.

But man to take the quality of life out of so many of us it's just unreal and unethical.

As for Klonopin it's more addictive and hard to get off then Ativan. Just a heads up folks. When I took it I don't even want to tell any of you guys what it did to me.

Good luck folks....

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Jamie Says:

Re: Jibs55 (# 84) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for your input. It’s been a week on name brand today. Thankful insurance covering and only 50 copay just wish it helped more. Friday and Saturday was like I was taking nothing at all. I felt like I was in a withdrawal and have a constant severe panic attack. The tired went away. Now it’s just morning and random afternoon mini panic attacks and dizzy spells. I hope it goes away as I’m not going to take any of the other generics. I couldn’t quite tell from your message-are you still taking the name brand or when you did-did you balance out and how long? This is so scary. Mylan is literally the only one I never had a problem with and felt stable and like a normal human being. I’ve been on Ativan 9 years. Weeend off and came off in 2011 was off for 6 months but relapsed panic attacks workse and came back on them 4 mg a day. Mylan was a miracle. Kept me good all day long. I feel like I’m in a nightmare now and I’m stuck like this forever.

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Jibs55 Says:

Re: Jamie (# 85) Expand Referenced Message

I went right to brand name with no transitional period. The only thing like I said was the brand Ativan for me requires a few extra here and there. But I had to stay on whats written for me.

The only thing that messed me up was having to take whatever my pharmacist would stock. As for what I'm on right now I'd rather not discuss that. Nothing personal...

But I can tell you it looks like I'll be back on brand name soon. There is no other alternative for me.

For you brand name maybe too strong. For me it's what works and I don't feel like I've lost countless days. Watson should be banded from ths public a long with all the other trash being marketed.

As I said before I'm in hopes Mylan will regroup and bring it back. Leading and Major, Teva and the rest can kick rocks. I hope they get brought up on a Congressional board.

Do like your doctor said play with the dosage until you adjust to it. But I really think you are having drug withdrawals from Mylan. Some people do. I only felt a minor change not worth writing home to mom about. Y'all are in my thoughts.

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Jibbs55 Says:

Re: RobertCT (# 89) Expand Referenced Message

Relax.. Some folks need this thread to cope with what they're going through. There's always a chance Mylan may come back. Nothing is ever set in cement concrete. Nobody knows why Mylan discontinued. Just like nobody knew why the other companies did. But some made a comeback. Like Sandoz did and a few others only to discontinued again.

I don't think Valeant had anything to do with tanking Mylan or any other company. Its about money plain and simple. Some said Mylan stopped because of the bad rep they were getting from the overpriced EpiPen. That they were trying to clean up their image. Is it true? Nobody know but Mylan.

There's been alot of talk that pharmaceuticals are trying to get away from benzodiazepines. There's a good chance that could be true. Just like they're cracking down on opiates. The sad thing is that so many of us aren't abusing benzodiazepines. Its the high profile folks that can get it readily and end up overdosing from them.

My gut says Mylan will make a come-back. Just my thought. Jamie hang in there girl you got this. Marcus that sounds interesting what you talked about with Mylan. Only one thing is it the same formula and will they put it on the US market.

Mylan is still making the drug but I can't remember who said it was only for nursing homes and hospital settings. Y'all hang in there!

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Richard Says:

Re: Jibs55 (# 102) Expand Referenced Message one has ever told me i'm on too high a dosage of fact one doc told me he has several taking 10mg a day or more........lorazepam is effective ONLY when the individual feels normal...not 'high' but NORMAL. I never felt high nor lthargic...i've been on the same does of lorazepam 2mg 3 x day since 1982...i never needed more.....that was myshrinks equivalent to the 10mg 4x day of valium i was taking...but he had 'heard' that lorazepam was non-addictive...showed me a pamphlet stating much for trusting Big Pharma.......i don't believe the newer docs are actually concerned about the quantity but being politically correct because this month/year benzos are the 'evil' drug....simply because its gotten publicity by celebrities taking overdoses or mixing with other drugs...NOT because they had anxietydisorder. Without benzos i couldnt leave the house (or just being there was hell)...with benzos i could attend college, met my wife, had a job and now am 71 and married 49 years......ifcardiac patients are addicted toheart medication or diabetic require metaformin..i dont seethe harm giving people withanxiety benzos...all are addictive whether for anxiety, heart or glucose....

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Henry Says:

Re: Jibbs55 (# 160) Expand Referenced Message

The 1mg have been on backorder since July/Aug and depending on which pharmacy you call they may be able to order the other strengths. I called Walgreens last month and they said no strengths available but CVS was able to get 2mg for me (and said 0.5 are avail). For the amount of money Bausch charges for this stuff it should always be available, their markup is insane.

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Richard H Says:

Re: Richard (# 199) Expand Referenced Message

Show this article to your docs who want to discontinue or refuse to prescribe benzodiazepines:

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James Says:

You can ALWAYS go to Mylan's website for more information and updates to their products. Check out the 'Products List', see if it's still available...that's what I do, I just go to the manufacturer website.

As far as the other comments, someone mentioned that a certain generic clonazepam's efficacy was not effective for them...I can't tell you how many times Walgreens Pharmacy has freaking changed who they get their clonazepam and many other generic drugs from.

I used to think, "WTF? Great, a new brand. This is going to be so weak", etc, but they've always been effective. Perhaps ONE generic was weak as s***, and it was a generic modafinil (Provigil). I'm trying to remember who...I'll look it up - OK, found it. ALEMBIC - the pill ID, I think, is L 234 + white, round and scored tablet.

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Deborah Says:

HOUSE (# 6) --

I'm having trouble getting my Neurologist to prescribe 4 months of Fiorinal in one script. I asked for this because my Medicare co-pay is $ 100. for 45 capsules up to 180 capsules. Of course I'm asking to pay once, not four times. It's the highest copay I've ever had. I was given Fiorinal back in 1976 for Migraines. They've gotten worse over the years, but most attacks, Fiorinal stops the pain and if not, then brings it down to where I can function. I can't stand the restrictions because of the opioid crisis and although Fiorinal comes with Codeine, I don't get nor want the Codeine.

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winjy Says:

Re: Henry (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

It is not discontinued? I called them but could not reach anyone.

Someone who replied to my post below says he or she called Mylan and it is discontinued. So I do not know what is going on? On their website there is a product list that shows lorazepam 1mg. Maybe it is not updated or correct.

Anyways...if it is backordered, I can buy somewhere but here in LA I called and visited 30 pharmacies but none sell mylan.

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