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Polly Says:

Is Invega Sustenza related to Risperdal? I "heard the patent was running out on risperdal and Invega Sustenza is taking its place". ..Is thiere any truth to this?

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Verwon Says:

Risperdal contains the active ingredient Risperidone.

Learn more Risperdal details here.

Invega contains the active ingredient Paliperidone.

Learn more Invega details here.

So yes, they are both in the same drug class and are used to treat the same conditions.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Polly Says:

If someone has an adverse reaction to risperdal...would they have an adverse reaction to invega sustenza as well?

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Polly Says:

My son whos been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, was put on risperdal early in his "illness" and it worked. Due to side effects he was taken off Rispersal and put on so many different meds. None of them have actually worked.Anyway he was given Risperdal at a later date and he had terrible adverse reactions to it. He got angry,mean,violent along with all the typical symptoms that go with this illness. Bottom line he turned into a MAD MAN. He was in Co. Jail at the time.They took him off of it.He went from jail to Napa for 15 months to become "competent".They did alot of switching meds during that time and Risperdal was thrown in there. AGAIN he had adverse reactions to the medication.This to me is Clearly NOT a medication he can take. When he got out of Napa and jail with absolutely no follow up care just a 30 day supply of what they felt was acceptable(which was not ...he was nowhere near stable).I a clinic which in turn refered him to another clinic.I took him to all appointments and sat in with him and the dr, and sometimes his "planner/counselor" and I told each Dr. he saw ;there were 4,that if "Invega Sustenza" was a "cousin" to Risperdal he could not take it due to his reaction to Risperdal. They gave it to him anyway! I was good enough to be a reliable historian but not good enough to know which meds definatly did not work. He got worse and worse. Its like he wasnt in there anymore. He eventually got physical with a family member who got in his face,when he got in their face. He knocked this family member out for a few seconds says gramma.The family member said no. Anyway he is again in Co.Jail waiting to be transferred back to Napa. I cant help but feel the dr.s at the clinic should be held accountable for his current legal situation.as much actually MORE than my son. He was doing what his dr.s told him to do and the end result is criminal. Hes in T-sep since july 28th 2012. Im so frustrated and angry I find it difficult to know what to do with these feelings. I dont know if theres anything anyone can or would do for my son and myself, if there is Id be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL! Although I wont be at all suprised if theres nothing that can be done.As Ive never expierienced so many "Blocks" in my whole life as I have in the last 4 years. Any ideas,words of wisdom,direction or advice will be so very much appreciated. Have a good day. *and.....***PEACE TO YOUR MIND***. Respectfully, P.D.

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mary Says:

I totally understand what u are going thru, I have been going thru the same stuff now for 17 years with my son. You will most likely have to put him on clozaril and he will have to get his blood tested often at first. My son took it for 5 years and it will literally knock them out at nite, so u do get some rest and serenity, altho it almost immobilizes them daily too. I know this sounds cruel but i had tried all the meds too and it was caos and violence all the time and him not sleeping. He has just been tapered off of it to see how he will do and now he is back to his breaking up furniture and such. I am hoping he will soon see that he has to play a part in this too and that is to get some control himself and not depend on the meds entirely. He sees a therapist now every week, it is behavior therapy mostly. All i can say is hang in there, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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